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guest post: 10 corporate massage benefits

Yaniv Siegel Corporate Massage

Yaniv Siegel joins the Absolutely Corporate blog, as a guest poster from Massage on Sight, a corporate massage company situated in Ireland.

10 corporate massage benefits

There are many people who love to receive a massage. Besides relaxation, there are many other powerful and scientifically proven benefits to massage. If you are currently considering offering workplace massage for your employees, you might be wondering about all the effects and benefits it has.

That is why we have listed the top 10 corporate massage benefits that those taking part at your office can experience. The research conclusions come from studies analysing various employers giving a 15 minute chair massages at work.

  1. Enormous stress reduction:
    Stress levels of employees were measured before and after a massage session and the reduction of stress was an amazing 85%!
  2. Increases focus and energy:
    Two of our studies showed employees being much more alert, as well as fast and accurate on math computations right after a massage session.
  3. Relieves muscle tension and pain:
    Many employees suffer from backpain due to prolonged sitting behind a desk. Back pain issues were measured to decrease by 48% after receiving regular office massage treatment.
  4. Improves quality of sleep:
    Multiple studies showed that the average quality of sleep improved by 29%. Quality of sleep was measured in terms of duration, wave lengths reached (REM-sleep) and amount of wake-ups.
  5. Decreases anxiety and depression:
    Office massage found to reduce anxiety by 26% and depression scores were measured 28% lower after the massage.
  6. Prevents repetitive strain injuries:
    Repetitive strain injuries such as regular lifting or unnatural and tense movements have been reduced by 37% with regular weekly office massage treatments.
  7. Increases immune function:
    A couple of studies that focused on the effects on the immune function showed that massage can improve the immune system and especially the anti-inflammatory function by 35%.
  8. Treats employees suffering from tendinitis and carpal tunnel:
    Decreases of 14% in pain and discomfort have been measured on employees suffering from tendinitis and carpal tunnel after regular massage treatment.
  9. Lowers blood pressure:
    An average of a 6% drop in blood pressure has been measured by various studies. While this number seems relatively low, it can be the difference between a regular and too high blood pressure.
  10. Relieves headaches:
    Headaches have been observed to decrease by 48% in both duration and intensity with regular office massage treatments.

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These benefits are profound for employees. Other benefits that have been observed is an increased level of serotonin and dopamine released which translates into feeling happy and social. For employers and HR, these benefits translate into other very tangible benefits, including:

  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Increase in employee retention
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Improved office morale and engagement
  • Decreased employee’s compensation claims
  • Attracts top talent

In conclusion, office massage benefits apply both to employees and employers.

about the author

Yaniv Siegel

Yaniv Siegel – Yaniv Siegel is a social entrepreneur at heart. He always engages in businesses that have a positive impact on society. After starting social ventures in Portugal to aid the poor, Yaniv embarked on a new journey in 2016 by opening Massage on Sight.

While travelling through Vietnam he encountered a blind masseur who gave him the best possible massage. That’s when he got the ‘Aha’ moment of trying to re-integrate the blind and visually impaired by training them to became massage therapists.