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Absolutely Corporate offers a range of health and fitness services with our partners Live 2 Be Well, ensuring you’ll always get highly trained specialists, with extensive experience in their area of expertise.

Corporate fitness exercises

While there’s plenty of attention on how fitness is important, and no one is debating this fact these days, there’s a lot more to fitting a fitness routine into your lifestyle than just deciding it’s necessary one day. That’s why workplace fitness can be such a great solution, becoming a treasured part of your working week.

Absolutely Corporate Fitness Boxing

A great place to start is our Health Assessments, which provide a snapshot of your employees health, in order to help them identify strengths and weaknesses, and discover possible future health problems. These assessments take 15-20 minutes and are conducted in your workplace in a quiet and private area.

For adding a fitness routine to your workplace we offer Group Fitness Classes, which run for six to 12 weeks, with one or two sessions a week. Sessions run for 50 minutes, and are conducted at your workplace or in the nearest park. These can be incorporated into your work day, such as during a lunch break, or before or after working, offering great flexibility.

Here at Absolutely Corporate we also recognise that not all workplaces are alike, and as such we offer a number of options for your fitness classes, with choices such as boxing, circuit training, cardiovascular or weight training. Naturally if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, our Corporate Yoga is another option.

One of the big benefits of these corporate fitness options is naturally the fact you can take part with a group of people you already know, which can further help build comradery and teamwork, without having to travel or plan around a totally separate activity.

With plenty of different fitness options to choose from, there'll be something for any workplace

With plenty of different fitness options to choose from, there’ll be something for any workplace

If you’re interested in our Corporate Fitness programs don’t hesitate to Contact Us today. There’s plenty of flexibility available in the programs, with up to 30 participants able to take part.