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wake up to yoga for flexibility and strength

workplace stress can be managed

For many businesses taking care of their staff and offering a positive workplace culture is a top priority, with employee benefits providing not only a tangible benefit to the business, but also to the individuals health and happiness.

Absolutely Corporate specialises in such services, from our Corporate Massage, Yoga, and Fitness options through to our increasingly popular meditation courses.

Mindfulness and meditation’s growing popularity is often connected to the need for mobile devices in everyday life. This creates a situation where it’s easy to get caught up in always being connected, always being on call, and never being able to totally relax, or truly disconnect from work and the associated stresses.

The boundaries between work and life are increasingly blurred, with meditation and mindfulness training offering a great way of reclaiming that separation and being able to refocus at work and manage everyday stress and challenges.

meditation beginner’s courses

We offer beginners meditation sessions, which are the ideal entry point into learning about meditation and include an introduction on mindfulness, followed by three minutes of actual meditation.

practice meditation in the office

This is followed by feedback and common challenges, allowing those taking part to further develop their new skill, followed by a longer 10-minute meditation session. Finally there is question and discussion time, for individual questions and advice.

In our experience this offers the ideal entry to meditation and mindfulness, and rather than being overwhelming, gives those taking part a great basis on which to build, as well as the practical skills to practice at work and in their own time.

Mindfulness has been recognized by leading companies as an essential tool in reducing stress and helping staff happiness and wellbeing, with big names like Google incorporating it into their workplace.

If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness and meditation don’t hesitate to contact us today, we can help you organize a beginners meditation session as described above, or a holistic workplace wellbeing program for your business or workplace.

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