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Stress Management

Stress Management

Everyone has heard about the dangers of stress, but not everyone realises that there is ‘good’ or natural stress, which is normally short term and can help you reach a deadline or cope with a tough situation, and ‘bad’ or ongoing and constant stress which has many negative health outcomes.

Absolutely Corporate runs our Stress Management courses, educating people about the different forms of stress and recognising the ‘bad’ chronic stress, while giving you the tools to manage your stress and build resilience.

These tools are broken down into five categories, which are covered in detail in the Stress Management course, finalising with recommendations and a question answering session to address any topics which participants would like more information on.

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Here’s a quick summation of the topics covered and the kind of recommendations offered to ensure that these strategies are not just concepts, but also achievable personal goals for busy working professionals.

  1. Exercise: The benefits of exercise in managing stress and the science behind how it helps. This includes a brief description of the broad variety of different types of exercise and recommendations for how to fit an exercise program into everyday life when time poor.
  2. Nutrition: How good nutrition can assist in increasing energy levels and building your immune system to help manage daily stress levels. Recommendations include meal options for busy professionals.
  3. Sleep: The role of sleep, circadian rhythms and both physical and psychologically healing. Including recommendations for a better sleep routine to assist in managing stress levels.
  4. Breathing: Education on the different types of breathing and how it can impact managing stress levels. Also included is information on breathing and mindfulness.
  5. Time Management: Planning and organisational skills to implement a healthy routine into daily life to assist with managing stress and increasing productivity.

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Our Stress Management course won’t just provide you and your employees with the tools to deal with stress but also how best to implement them in a meaningful and realistic way.

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