Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace



The quality of life and health of working professionals need to always be in check if you expect them to be productive. Long hours of working in front of a computer, taking phone calls or emailing, can undermine the health and wellbeing of an employee. The effects may not immediately manifest but when they do, it could be detrimental to their efficiency. The most common issues employees encounter are work stress, muscle pain, weight gain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and more. To help reduce such pain and discomfort, get your employees started with corporate yoga. It benefits not only the employees but also the companies they work for.

  • Relieves Work Stress – Occupational stress can cause an unpleasant work mood, low performance, and anxiety that could lead to absenteeism. Yoga reduces stress by calming the mind, building resilience, and improving the outlook of each employee.
  • Enhanced Focus – Nowadays, most corporate jobs require people to multitask. Without proper focus, tasks may not be completed and the quality can be compromised. The breathing techniques and movements involved in yoga helps people focus better.
  • Increased Productivity – Yoga provides a mind and body workout that will improve the health of an employee. Healthy employees are more energised and efficient, thus, ensuring increased productivity and minimal absenteeism.
  • Improved Work Posture – Prolong sitting or standing can be dangerous to the spine. Hunching over can affect the spine and the posture of a person. Corporate yoga offers postures that help correct and strengthen the spine, oblique muscles, pelvis, and the entire body. Yoga can also enhance mobility and flexibility.
  • Better Digestion – There is a tendency for employees to overeat or skip meals. This confuses the digestive system and affects metabolism badly. Certain medical conditions can also arise from such habits. Yoga helps eliminate toxins and improve eating habits.

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