Chair Yoga

Seated Yoga Postures Perfect for Corporate Set-Ups

Chair Yoga was initially developed for elderly people and those with mobility issues. It allows them to recreate the yoga postures while sitting on their chair or using the chair the support them. Nowadays, the same technique is being introduced to the workplace.

Benefits of Chair Yoga in the Workplace

Incorporating yoga in the workplace can be challenging. First of all, employees are in work clothes and there is not enough space to accommodate classes. With chair yoga:

  • Employees can perform yoga poses and stretches even with their work clothes on since the movements are minimal and won’t require a shower afterward.
  • Participating employees only need a chair and any chair with no armrests and wheels will do. No yoga mat or any other item necessary.
  • Classes can be held in the boardroom and won’t require too much space for lying down since all postures are done sitting down or standing up.
  • Classes take only about 30 to 45 minutes so it can easily be inserted before or after work, or during lunchtime.
  • Chair yoga can accommodate both beginners and those who have had previous experience in doing traditional yoga.

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Absolutely Corporate is a corporate health and wellness provider that can provide yoga sessions on demand for corporate offices, organizations, and other working groups. All we need to know is the goals and needs of each company so we can plan yoga classes that will bring out the best in your employees. Our team of yoga instructors is highly trained to conduct classes in a corporate set-up.

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