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Stress is a complex issue but has been linked with the production of nuclear factor B or NF-kB, which triggers inflammation in cells. In ongoing or consistent (unhealthy) stress situations this can raise the risk of cancer, has been shown to speed aging, as well as being linked to depression.

Traditionally this was linked to the fight or flight response, however in our modern world, where unhealthy stress is a frequent problem, the more extreme levels of stress effects everything from the immune, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine and central nervous systems.

Yoga and Meditation -Absolutely Corporate

The good news is however that healthy activities like meditation and yoga has been shown to lower the NF-kB production and in doing so the risk of cancer and depression.

Yoga and meditation are also ideal tools for focusing on breathing techniques, with rapid, shallow breathing a common side effect of stress and tension, leading to further anxiety.

They are also ideal for fostering a greater connection between mind and body, with a greater awareness of the signals that both send when a specific area needs your attention.

This can help you take control of your awareness, instead of allowing your body and mind to run on auto-pilot, ensuring a more active approach, as well as the obvious benefits of being more physically active during yoga, and releasing emotional energy while meditating.

Yoga and Meditation -Absolutely CorporateMeditation is also great at cutting through the information overload that has become part of life, which can in turn encourage greater imagination, creativity, patience and tolerance, all of which benefit both work and everyday life.

Yoga particularly has been identified for its ability to reduce the impact of exaggerated stress responses, linking back to NF-kB, and helping to modulate stress responses, including normalising heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

Our Corporate Yoga and Meditation services are a great way of incorporating these activities into your workplace.

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