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Absolutely Corporate offers a range of corporate fitness services, in conjunction with our partners, Live 2 Be Well, which you learn more about in our blog: Add Corporate Fitness to your Workplace.  However this time we’ll take a brief look at the different forms of exercise available, though our corporate fitness programs and for your own training, with the pros and cons of each.

For personalised advice it’s always advisable to see a health and training specialist for advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Moderate aerobic activity is an easy form of exercise that you can easily incorporate into your calendar, with walking and running being popular choices, although swimming is also ideal if possible or your preference. This means working out until you work up a sweat and is recommended in periods of 30-60 minutes, which is on the longer end of the spectrum, so time constraints may be an issue. Ideally this should be done five days a week, and a heart rate monitor to make sure you’re reaching the required level of activity is a good way to gauge your success.

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jogging and agility exercises can be aerobic exercise or part of high intensity training depending on how they are undertaken

High intensity training on the other hand can be five to ten minute sessions of intense exercise, such as sprinting, running or swimming sprints and is recommended two to three times a week. You will need a good level of base fitness however, and this is not recommended for those with heart conditions and some other health problems.

Weight training is another option, and is more technical, requiring equipment and importantly being done correctly, to ensure you don’t unnecessarily hurt or strain yourself. Weight training can help increase your lean muscle mass and helps bone density, but is a longer training session, of ideally 30 to 60 minutes, two to three times a week on non-consecutive days. Seeing a specialist to guide and supervise this form of training is highly recommended.

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Interval training is exercise which varies between higher and lower intensity exercise, and can include resistance training, in which case expert guidance is again recommended. This form of exercise can help combine the benefits of aerobic and weight training, but normally requires longer sessions.

Incidental activity is another great form, which can be included in every day, and includes things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking for short trips where you might otherwise drive, getting off transport a stop early to add extra walking, and other easy steps to increase your general activity during the day. This’ll help you maintain a level of general fitness, as well as increasing calories burnt.

Our fitness experts can help you create a Corporate Fitness program tailored to your needs and staff, ensuring everyone is getting the optimal advice and fitness program. If you’re interested in our Corporate Fitness programs don’t hesitate to Contact Us today. There’s plenty of flexibility available in the programs, with up to 30 participants able to take part.