Corporate Fitness: Tailored Corporate Fitness Programs for Healthier and More Efficient Employees

Corporate fitness and health assessments promote a healthier, more energised workforce, which equates to significant bottom line savings.

Corporate Fitness is a term that describes the set of physical activities or exercises that a company implements for their staff. It is the goal of such programs to increase the physical activity of employees as a way to promote a healthier and more energised workforce to boost performance and productivity.

Benefits of Corporate Fitness Programs

More often than not, the health and wellbeing of an employee is something that, when improved, could significantly enhance performance and increase productivity. This is one notable reason why companies are investing in corporate fitness programs. But why fitness programs?

  • Employees who are physically fit, healthier and less stressed miss fewer days of work and create more quality output.
  • An energised and motivated staff has a higher morale and this keeps them from leaving the company.
  • Regular fitness activities help employees improve not only the physical attributes but also the mental and social capabilities of an employee.

Corporate Fitness Programs for Employees Across Australia

Depending on the needs and goals of a company, each program is tailored to acquire the results desired. The most popular and effective programs we offer include:

  • Group Fitness Classes – Fitness classes are a fun way of boosting the employees’ energy levels while improving their health and wellbeing. A fitness coach guides them on the different activities included, such as running, boxing, circuit training, weight training and cardio workouts.
  • Corporate Fitness Challenge – This 12-week challenge involves different physical activities and interactive games that are performed and completed in groups. The challenges help increase employees engagement and promote teamwork. It also boosts staff morale and resilience.


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Fitness is an important element for each employee to progress career-wise. Absolutely Corporate can help make employees fit enough to be more active and focused on their work. We have fitness experts who can help create better and healthier teams with lesser workers compensation costs. What are you waiting for? Call us today for a free consultation.


Increased productivity, fewer sick days, reduced staff turnover and decreased workers compensation costs are just a few of the reasons why leading Australian companies have implemented corporate fitness programs. Absolutely Corporate conducts at-work health assessments, as well as group fitness classes and fitness challenges. Our experienced and qualified exercise physiologists are committed to educating employees about their health and empowering them to set goals for lasting change.

corporate fitness class held indoors

fitness in the office

We can tailor to your workplace:

  • comprehensive health assessments
  • on-site or outdoor fitness classes
  • 12-week corporate fitness challenge
  • professional approach
  • follow up and support

out of the office

benefits to employees

Health assessment and fitness class attendees can experience:

  • preventative health guidance
  • nutrition, health and fitness advice
  • support to reach goals
  • reduced risk of chronic disease
  • increased energy and wellbeing

outdoor group fitness class

benefits to workplace

Providing health assessments and group fitness classes can deliver:

  • decreased illness
  • reduced absenteeism
  • higher staff morale
  • enhanced teamwork
  • increased employee loyalty

Absolutely Corporate is a nationwide provider of on-site health assessments and group fitness programs, helping corporate Australia become fitter and healthier to meet the challenges of working life.

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Health assessments

Our health assessments provide a snapshot of your employees’ health, helping to identify potential issues before they become major problems. Our assessments are carried out in 15-20 minute intervals and can include any/all of the following: blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, body composition and waist measurement.

Group fitness classes

Offering group fitness sessions to your employees will make a lasting difference to their energy levels, fitness and wellbeing. Classes are conducted in 6 or 12 week blocks, 1-2 times per week on-site or in the nearest park. They run for 50 minutes, can be held before work, during lunch time or in the evening and can accommodate up to 30 participants. Choose from boxing classes, circuit training, weight training and cardiovascular training.

Corporate fitness challenge

Our 12-week corporate fitness challenge is focussed on increasing employee engagement and morale, team building and resilience. The challenge can be run on site or at a nearby park and it consists of 1-2 week interactive games-based group sessions.

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