Corporate Fitness Challenge


A healthy team is an efficient team. For businesses to be successful, the workforce must be in the best possible shape to perform their tasks and deliver the expected results. However, occupational stress can keep that from happening. In Australia, work stress increases absenteeism rate, lowers efficiency, and hinders productivity. Corporate health and wellness programs aim to turn that around. One fun and effective way is a 12-week corporate fitness challenge. It can be done between individuals in a team or teams against other teams. The challenges can be done on-site or at a nearby park.

Perks of a Corporate Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges between employees are highly recommended for a very good reason, such as:

  • Weight Management – Physical activities help manage weight in a fun way. Overweight or obese individuals tend to get exhausted easier and have high tendencies of falling asleep during work hours.
  • Healthier Eating and Exercise Habits – Eating the right food at the right time can help employees get the most out of the food and drink they consume. A fitness challenge can jump-start the beginning of a healthy lifestyle moving forward.
  • Stress Management – Physical activities can help relieve work stress and increase staff morale. As a result, employees develop a happier and more pleasant work attitude and are more satisfied with their jobs.
  • Improved Productivity – Healthy employees work better and deliver better results. Companies should invest in their health and wellbeing of their employees if they want to bring out the best in them.

Optimise Employee Performance Through Corporate Fitness Challenges. Call Us to Learn How.

Fitness challenges in the workplace are highly beneficial to employees and companies alike. It does not have to be highly competitive but exciting enough to get employees to start thinking about their health and considering a healthier lifestyle. We at Absolutely Corporate can design 1 to 2 interactive games-based activities appropriate for all employees, the areas they need to improve on, and the results you want to achieve. Call us today for a free consultation.