Corporate Fitness Melbourne

Building Healthier and More Efficient Teams

In the past couple of decades, the workload of a regular employee in Melbourne has increased significantly and this caused an increase in occupational stress as well. It may seem harmless but it can greatly affect the health and wellbeing of an individual. Before a vicious circle of symptoms start to affect the health and productivity of an employee, integrate fitness programs that can help diminish stress in its early stages.

Ideal Programs in a Corporate Environment

  • Health Assessments

These are tests done on each employee for about 15-20 minutes, checking blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, body composition, and even measuring the waist. This provides enough information for an employer to check the health status of each employee and to identify potential medical issues before they get worse.

  • Group Fitness Classes

Employers can choose from boxing, circuit training, weight training, and cardiovascular training. Each class can be held once or twice a week and can accommodate up to 30 participants. Group fitness not only relieves stress, it strengthens the bond between co-workers, thus, promoting a higher staff morale.

  • Corporate Fitness Challenge

Team building activities are often offered to employees to give them an opportunity to bond with each other outside the workplace. Why not do a fitness challenge instead? Not only does it help the team members bond, it also helps keep them fit and healthy. This 12-week challenge consists of exciting interactive games designed for groups.

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