Corporate Fitness Perth

Improving Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Work stress is common in a corporate setting but employees need not have to deal with it. There are ways to avoid or at least minimise it and corporate fitness programs are highly recommended. It is just like the personal fitness program you would pick for yourself except that it is designed to enhance work performance and achieve the desired business results. Absolutely Corporate is a leading provider of corporate fitness programs, specialising in:

  • Health Assessments

Health assessments include checking for blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, body composition, and body measurements. It aims to give employers a good glimpse of the current medical status of each employee and identify potential problems early on. Assessments only take about 15 to 20 minutes each so it can be easily inserted in a workday, done before or after work hours, or during lunch breaks.

  • Group Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to give employees a sense of belonging and opportunities to stay fit together, inspire each other, elevate energy levels, and improve the overall wellbeing of each staff member. Classes can be conducted ion 6 or 12-week blocks, whichever works for the company, with 1 or 2 classes per week. It can be done in-house if there is available space, or at a nearby space or park. Participants can choose from boxing, circuit training, weight training, and cardio training.

  • Corporate Fitness Challenge

For team building activities, a corporate fitness challenge is highly recommended. It is a 12-week event that involves interactive games-based activities that are performed in groups. It can be done in the company’s location if space permits, or in a nearby park. The challenge can help increase employee engagement and resilience.

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