Corporate Fitness Sydney

Healthier Teams, Healthier Work Culture

Several organisations and companies in Sydney have conducted surveys and tests to find out what affects employee performance the most. Surprisingly, a huge percentage of employed individuals are stressed by work first before money. Work-related stress can be reduced and eventually eliminated with regular physical activity. Why not incorporate it into the workplace?

Notable Effects of Corporate Fitness Programs

A lot of people are quite unsure if fitness programs are actually beneficial in a work environment. It may seem out of place but including physical activities in a workplace where employees are either sitting or standing up most 90% of the time can help relieve sore and tight muscles. Employees and employers alike can save a great deal from having to treat or manage health conditions related to ergonomic stress.

Attendance is one of the most common problems employers have to deal with. Staff members are often absent due to illnesses that might possibly be caused by stress and exhaustion. Keeping employees in good shape is a huge factor in minimizing the occurrence of absenteeism. It will also help minimise overtime since employees will have enough energy to complete tasks on time.

Retaining current employees is a lot less costly than hiring new ones. One reason employees leave companies is that they hate the office culture and that staff morale has hit rock bottom. Group fitness classes help improve the relationship between co-workers and build stronger teams. This, in turn, improves work culture and job satisfaction.

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Healthier teams can make all the difference in a corporate set-up. Absolutely Corporate is a team of health and wellness experts who specialise in creating tailored fitness programs that will satisfy your company’s needs and goals perfectly. Want more information before you proceed? Call to request your free consultation today!