Massage Services for Corporate Golf Day Events

Are you planning a corporate golf day and looking to add an exclusive touch? Consider elevating your event with the luxury of professional massage services right on the golf course. At Absolutely Corporate, we specialise in integrating bespoke massage experiences into corporate golf events, offering a unique blend of relaxation and recreation.

Our team has the experience you can rely on, providing professional massage services for over 40 golf day events in the past 12 years. Speak to the experts in corporate event massage and take your next corporate golf day to the next level.

Corporate Golf Day Massage

Discover how Absolutely Corporate can make your next golf event an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Golf Day Massage


$ 100 00
p/h +GST

Price is per therapist and includes one specialised ergonomic massage chair per therapist. For clients in the greater Sydney area the price includes use of our marquee. Minimum booking of 3 hours. Available to clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

The Unique Appeal of Golf Day Massages

Combining golf with massage therapy for corporate events creates a unique and beneficial experience. This synergy enhances both relaxation and engagement, offering a distinctive edge to traditional corporate outings.

Improved Focus and Performance: Golf is a highly physical activity that can put alot of strain on the muscles of the upper body. Our massage helps to reduce pain and discomfort, improve physical performance, enhance recovery and reduce the potential of injury. Massage therapy also boosts mental clarity and physical well-being, leading to enhanced concentration and performance on the course.

Enhanced Networking: The relaxed ambience provided by massage services at golf events facilitates better networking. It encourages open, comfortable interactions among team members and clients, fostering stronger business relationships. The massage also promotes relaxation and wellbeing, creating a sense of care and connection among your guests.

Two absolutely Corporate massage therapists provide golf day massages. Two clients are seated in ergonomic massage chairs beneath a blue marquee. Behinf two golf carts are visible.

Lasting Impressions: Offering massage at a golf event is a mark of thoughtfulness and luxury. It elevates the experience, leaving a memorable impression on participants and associating your brand with innovation and care.

Our Service Tailored to Your Needs

Adaptable to Any Event Size: Whether you’re hosting a small team-building session or a large-scale corporate tournament, our services are scalable to fit. We can accommodate intimate groups or larger crowds up to 120 participants, ensuring everyone receives the attention and care they deserve.

Variety of Massage Styles: Recognising that preferences vary, we offer a selection of massage styles including remedial massage, shiatsu, and trigger point therapy. Our therapists are highly experienced in adapting to the specific needs and preferences of each guest to ensure they receive a personalised massage service.

Flexible Timing: Our golf day massage service are available between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and their surrounding areas. Our services are designed to fit seamlessly into your event schedule. Whether you prefer massages to be available throughout the event or at specific times, we arrange our services to complement the flow of your golf day, ensuring no interruption to the game or networking activities.

Three Absolutely Corporate massage therapists provide seated massage to guests at a corporate golf day event

Special Requests Accommodated: If you have specific requirements or special requests, we’re more than happy to accommodate. Our goal is to make your corporate golf day as enjoyable and memorable as possible, tailored precisely to your needs.

"Absolutely Corporate have provided a premium massage service at many of my golf events over the years. Companies such as Westfield, Lexus and Hollard continue to use Absolutely Corporate as a way of relaxing their guests during what are otherwise very busy days. I would not hesitate recommending their professional services."

How to Integrate Massage into Your Golf Day

Consultation: We start with a quick discussion to understand your event’s size, venue, and specific needs. We can work at any golf course within our service areas with experience at courses such as Twin Creeks Private Golf & Country Club, Macquarie Links International Golf Club, New South Wales Golf Club, Port Kembla Golf Club and The Lakes Golf Club.

Customisation: Based on your requirements, we tailor our massage services, selecting the type, number of therapists, and session durations. You can choose between 9 or 18 holes, whether we provide massages at tee off or in the club house and at what point during the event the massages will be available.

Logistics Planning: We coordinate with the venue for massage station setup, ensuring everything is in place without disrupting the event flow. We provide one of our specialised ergonomic massage chairs for each therapist present. For clients in the greater Sydney area we also provide a marquee which ensures maximum comfort for your guests and keeps our therapists out of the elements. For other cities we can arrange hire of a marquee if desired for a small fee.

Two absolutely Corporate massage therapists provide golf day massage. Two clients are seated face down on specialist ergonomic massage chairs inside a blue marquee at a golf course

Execution: Our therapists arrive early and ensure everything is prepared for your guest’s arrival, providing efficient and high-quality massages to guests throughout the event.

Absolutely Corporate director, Beata Steiner

Author – Beata Steiner

Beata Steiner is a passionate advocate of corporate health and wellbeing programs with over two decades of experience in the workplace wellness industry. Beata is the director of Absolutely Corporate and holds qualifications in Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Reflexology, Qigong massage, and Indian head and shoulder massage.

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