Corporate Health Assessment


Prevention is better than cure. It may be an old saying but it still holds true. Health assessments aim to prevent future medical issues. Companies should invest in the health and wellness of their employees to ensure long-term health, peace of mind, and increased productivity.

Absolutely Corporate offers comprehensive health assessments that provide employees with detailed and in-depth information on their current health status. Our medical experts also educate the employees, providing them with sound advice on how to improve or maintain their health. Assessments can be done on-site and be conducted at the most convenient times for employees.

Why are Health Assessments Necessary?

It is important for employers to protect their most important investment: the workforce. Health assessments need to be done in order to:

– Prevent unplanned or sudden absenteeism due to an undiagnosed condition

– Provide sound advice to change unhealthy behaviour or habits

– Improve staff productivity by ensuring a healthy workforce


What is Included in a Health Assessment?

Aside from a detailed medical history and lifestyle questionnaire, we offer a range of tests included in each 15 to 20-minute sessions and these are, but not limited to:

  • Blood glucose test to check for Diabetes
  • Cholesterol test
  • BMI calculation
  • Blood pressure check

Need More Information on our Health Assessments? Call Us for a Detailed Discussion.

Absolutely Corporate, a leading provider of corporate health and wellness programs, consists of a team of medical practitioners in different fields. We make sure that each health assessment done on each of your employees are thorough and accurate. If you have specific tests that you want to be included, give us a call. We can tailor a session that yields the results you want and need. We also provide health guidance and advice to help your staff become healthier and more productive in their designated tasks.