Corporate Massage Perth

Studies have shown that there is a growing problem in Perth’s corporate environment involving the mental health of staff and its effect on performance. Employees have been found to lose motivation in their work when they feel stressed and under pressure. Here at Absolutely Corporate, we’re dedicated to combating these concerns with the healing power of massage therapy. Our corporate massages service Perth offices across the board and inspire a renewed sense of stability and a positive, can-do attitude towards work. Some of the benefits of our office massages include:

Our Perth Based Corporate Massages Help To Relieve Stress

It has been proven that 21% of Australians have admittedly taken time off work due to feelings of stress, depression and anxiety.

Our mobile massages in Perth help to treat the symptoms of absenteeism by reducing stress levels and alleviating tensions in the workplace. This is achieved by implementing the therapeutic techniques attributed to deep tissue, shiatsu and trigger point treatments. In Perth workplaces, massages can incorporate these techniques in an individual program tailored to the needs of each staff member. As a result you’ll find that, not only are your staff more motivated to come in to work, but that their performance levels have also increased exponentially. With this, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in HR cases and liability costs.

You can learn more about the most effective ways to reduce stress levels in the workplace by visiting our Workplace Stress Management page.

Perth Workplace Massages Boost Office Morale

59% of employees have reportedly witnessed stress, depression or anxiety among others in their workplace from time to time.

With the rising expectations of output in corporate businesses comes an increasing level of stress amongst staff. This sort of pressure has an adverse effect in that office morale plummets to an ultimate low making way for rising tensions, office conflicts and disputes amongst staff.

One of the many benefits of our Perth corporate massages, is the immediate boost in spirit. By organising an office massage for your staff, not only do you encourage productivity with a reward incentive, but you also inspire a renewed sense of mental stability. Clients come out of their treatments feeling revived and invigorated ready to tackle the remainder of their day. As a result office conflicts are reduced and a sense of community is restored within the office and amongst employees.

Another way to bring your employees together is through group activities. Check out our Corporate Yoga page to find out how a soothing yoga class can help to restore a sense of community within your department.

This Is Why Our Mobile Massages Increase Productivity

Our Perth corporate massages are guaranteed to unlock your staff’s potential and boost their motivation to perform at an optimum capacity. As a result, not only will you experience a complete change in office energy, but you’ll also witness an increase in productivity. In the 17 years we’ve administered corporate massages in Perth, we’ve found that nothing incentivises staff more than a meditative and thoughtful treat. Revive your staff today with our office massages today.

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