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The weeks leading up to Christmas could become the most stressful time of the year for your employees. There is the pressure and the anxiety of finalising all projects before the holiday season starts. The stress and holiday rush ultimately takes a toll on employee productivity.

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Booking a surprise Corporate Massage for your team prior Christmas could help your employees to feel appreciated, happier and ultimately more productive.

In fact a 2015 study by the Social Market Foundation and the University of Warwick indicated that happier employees are more productive in the workplace. Their experiment showed that productivity increased by an average of 12 per cent when employees were happy and even reached as high as 20 per cent in some cases.

This year we’ve helped many companies to plan, organise and deliver their wellness programs, focusing on the changes the company wants to make in their workplace and the outcomes they want to achieve.

We have delivered thousands of hours of our most popular service, our Corporate Seated Massage and we energised hundreds of employees.

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Our new services like Fitness Challenges, Boxing and Yoga have taken off and made many employees healthier, stronger and more resilient.

Our De-stress Workshops and Mindfulness Seminars have also been a great success, allowing employees to learn many tools and tips on how to combat stress not only at workplace but in a personal life.

We provide them with the knowledge and skills, that can significantly improve their heath as well as job satisfaction and productivity.

Companies which have an established health and wellness program with a high staff participation are already reaping the rewards: their employees are more focused on their tasks, their stress  levels are reduced, as is absenteeism.

absolutely-corporate-massage-02This ultimately boosts company productivity. The weeks leading up to Christmas are a great time to reevaluate your wellness program for the next year. We can help your company to pinpoint what wellness program your employees prefer with our survey questionnaire.

“My manager was sceptical but his view was quickly changed thanks to Tracy, your massage therapist. We had 83 per cent participation which is high for a Wellness program, whereas previously bowling, indoor soccer, indoor cricket and lawn bowls with lunch provided would be lucky to get 50 per cent participation. The event was very successful.”


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