Corporate Yoga Sydney

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Sydney is one of the largest cities and the most populous urban areas in Australia. Many companies have chosen to establish their presence here and many people are employed in various corporate offices. The success of a company greatly depends on the performance of its most important assets: its employees. Employees who are healthy, physically and mentally, are more productive.

How Will Corporate Yoga Improve a Business?

Corporate yoga is a health and wellness program that can help improve the work performance of employees. Here’s how:

  • Yoga helps promote health and wellbeing among office workers. If an employee is healthy, absenteeism goes down and productivity goes up.
  • Yoga teaches employees to be calm and resilient. Also, it increases energy levels, thus, making them more efficient at the tasks on hand.
  • Yoga is an instrument in building teams and boosting staff morale. Since yoga classes gather employees in one room, they get the opportunity to do something together and inspire each other to do better.

How Corporate Yoga Works

The yoga instructor conducts a 10-minute introduction to the program, which involves stretches, and this can be done right by the workstations of the employees. The real classes, however, need to be done somewhere private and quiet, like the boardroom or a function hall. The class is about 45 minutes long and the maximum number of people per class is 15.

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Absolutely Corporate does more than provide corporate health and wellness programs. We offer opportunities for companies to turn things around and improve their business by investing in the wellbeing of their people. Are your employees unmotivated? Uninspired? Stressed? Let us help you. Call us today for more info on our corporate yoga program.