Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our corporate seated massage.

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Absolutely. All of our fully-qualified therapists hold massage therapy diplomas and undertake continuing education. We carefully choose our therapists based on their skills, extensive experience and professional manner.

Our massages can benefit your people and business in many ways. Our focus is on fuss-free massages that don’t disrupt your day, which is why we tailor treatments to suit your workplace size and style.

Your body is bound to benefit from a 15-minute massage. The therapist will work to release tension in your shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands and can focus on a particular area if you ask.

It’s up to you. We can massage your staff at their workstations, in a quiet office or a conference room. We bring special ergonomic massage chairs or can set up permanent massage tables for regular treatments.

Please let your therapist know if you have any aches, pains, ailments or conditions. This could include fractures, herniated discs, uncontrolled hypertension, numbness or tingling in any part of the body, especially the hands or feet.

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Our massages are tailored to you. Within minutes, the therapist sets up the special ergonomic massage chair. Your team is treated to a neck, shoulder, arm and back massage. Your team is energised, refreshed and ready to return to work!

We recommend a 15-minute massage per employee for maximum benefit. However, we’re happy to tailor the time to suit your budget. 

While each massage can be as short as 5 minutes, the average is 15 minutes with each employee. Our minimum booking time is 2 hours.

Yes. All of our therapists hold the required insurances to work safely and legally at your workplace.

We come to you! Just let us know where you are located and we organise our therapist for you.

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Your team will be treated to a healing 15 minute remedial routine, which involves shiatsu and trigger point therapy techniques. We’re also happy to tailor the treatment type and time to you. 

Of course. Just let us know when you book if you prefer men or women massage therapists.

Massage works wonders for women during pregnancy. Please let your therapist know that you’re expecting – and the trimester you’re in – so they can ensure maximum wellbeing and comfort.


Massage is invigorating, so you’re likely to feel relaxed and reenergised after your session. Read more about the benefits of workplace massage.

Your staff can stay in their work wear, though we may suggest they unbutton their collar or remove bulky jewellery to get the most out of their massage.