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Highly Efficient Corporate Health and Wellness Programs Across Australia


For a company to thrive, its most important component, its employees, must be focused, motivated and productive. We at Absolutely Corporate offer health and wellness programs that can help improve employee performance. Investing in the wellbeing of your staff will guarantee a happier and more productive workplace.

Common Factors that Affect Staff Performance

While salary rate and office tools are important factors to ensure employee productivity, there is a more important element that companies need to invest in, and that is the health and wellness of their people. Here are some of the common factors that could influence efficiency in a workplace:

  • Workplace Stress – This is one of the most common psychological obstacles that employees experience. One cause is the mismatch between what is expected of them and what they can really do. The number of tasks piled up on the desk or in the email inbox can also be stressful to an employee.
  • Unhealthy Habits – Skipping meals and binging are common among employees who work long hours. Although skipping meals for more work may seem more productive, it isn’t. The quality of output is compromised when you work on an empty stomach or if you binge on unhealthy food.
  • Office Culture – The camaraderie between employees is important to establish positivity within the workplace. Any conflict, lack of interaction or behaviour issues could affect the culture within a team or workplace.

Corporate Health and Wellness: An Overview


Corporate Health and Wellness is a collection of programs that are tailored to meet the needs of employees based on the company’s goals and desired results. This includes fitness programs, therapies, and workshops designed to improve and enhance focus, motivation and productivity. Lifting staff wellbeing to a healthy level is beneficial to the employees, the clients and the company as a whole.

Top Corporate Health and Wellness Programs


Absolutely Corporate offers a wide range of programs that aim to reward and help company staff through better health and wellbeing. The following programs can be tailored to meet the company’s goals, needs, and budget:

  • Corporate Fitness – Corporate fitness classes and challenges can be done to keep employees fit and to promote teamwork and better office culture.
  • Corporate Yoga – Yoga has recently gained popularity again in the workplace. The corporate classes we offer involve yoga practices that target common workplace issues like stress and back pain, sore shoulders, neck, back, and hamstrings.
  • Workplace Massage – A massage is a good way to destress and to relieve tense and tight muscles. We offer on-site seated massage for daily relief and relaxation. We also cater to corporate events, offering free massages to potential clients and investors.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – This is the latest trend among companies nowadays as it helps make employees become more focused, more creative and less stressed. Each class guides a maximum of 20 employees on the proper meditation method to acquire clarity and improved their mood.
  • Workplace Stress Management – Stress creates employees that are difficult to work with, are tired and often absent from work. We offer programs that help them address the issues that are causing the stress and guide them in dealing with work pressure, demands and other things that could be causing workplace stress.

Benefits of Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

To Employees:

  • Corporate fitness and yoga can help reduce stress and motivate employees by improving their energy levels.
  • Group fitness challenges and yoga classes enhance office culture by giving the staff the opportunity to bond with each other, thus, promoting teamwork and stronger work relationships.
  • Employees who handle work that involves long hours of standing or sitting will benefit from exercises that help stretch tense and tight muscles, relieve back pain and soreness and improve the sitting and standing posture.
  • Mindfulness and meditation workshops help employees focus and concentrate better, make better decisions, improve mood, and reduce anxiety.
  • Proper stress management helps employees deal with and reduce stress and when there is less to zero stress, there is less anxiety. Employees will be more resilient and have increased job satisfaction.


To Companies:

  • When companies start investing in their employees’ health and wellbeing, there will be a decrease in illness, thus, causing a significant decrease in absenteeism.
  • Employees in a company that fully supports their need for better health and wellbeing have higher job satisfaction, a more positive outlook and morale in a work setting.
  • Group fitness programs and yoga sessions help build stronger teams and improve teamwork.
  • A healthier staff is more focused, more motivated and more productive. Customer service and professionalism also becomes more remarkable.
  • Employees who work for companies that care enough to invest in their health and wellbeing tend to be more loyal. This means there will be a decrease in staff turnover and resignation.



Treat your team, boost your business

Ready to invest in your team’s health and wellbeing? You will be surprised at just how affordable our corporate wellness services provided in most Australian cities are.

Regular workplace massages: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly packages tailored to your business and budget. How often you use us is up to you.

Event massages: Draw a crowd and delight your clients at golf days, trade shows, conferences and training days.

One-off massages: The perfect Christmas gift or end of financial year bonus, and a great way to sample our services.

Charity event massages: We’re proud to provide massage services at charity events and fundraisers.

Corporate yoga classes, group fitness classes and mindfulness meditation: All can be conducted in your office (or outdoors where available).

Stress management in the workplace: Courses and workshops can lead to benefits at all levels of your organisation.

Health and wellness events:  Add an element of fun and enjoyment to wellness week and keep everyone feeling great.

Conferences and TrainingRefresh participants during breaks and increase the effectiveness of your conference.

End of the year: Reward your people for all their hard work for the year.

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Absolutely Corporate understands how important it is to be successful and we firmly believe that behind every great company is a team of employees that are healthy and well-rounded. This is why we made it our commitment to strengthen different corporate staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and all other cities across Australia through our corporate health and wellness programs. We specialise in massage, yoga, fitness, mindfulness and meditation, stress management and more. We take pride in what we do and we pay great attention to the specific needs and goals of a company, all within their preferred budget.


Interested in any of our programs? Let’s discuss further. We would love nothing more than to provide you with tailored programs to help your employees and your company succeed!