mental heath and stress at workplace

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R U OK? Day - September 14, 2017
R U OK? Day – September 14, 2017

Did you know that 45 per cent of Australians aged between 16 and 85 will experience mental illness during their life, with government statistics showing that one in five adults experience mental illness each year.

While some are capable of managing their illness without it effecting work, others require short term workplace support and in some cases ongoing workplace strategies, with workplace factors capable of causing or contributing to developing mental illness.

With R U OK? Day held on the second Thursday in September each year (September 14 in 2017), now’s a great time to consider mental illness and contributing factors in the workplace.

mental heath and stress at workplace

Absolutely Corporate’s Stress Management Workshops are an ideal accompaniment, offering tools and strategies to deal with stress, which has been identified as a contributing factor to mental illness.

With stress accounting for an average of 3.2 days of lost work, per staff member a year, and stress related compensation claims costing businesses over $10 billion a year, it’s an area worthy of note.

In fact the Australian Human Rights Commission stresses the importance of creating a safe and healthy workplace, with a number of benefits, both to staff and the business. From reducing the cost of worker absence and staff turnover, to greater loyalty and a larger return on investments in training, plus minimising stress and helping morale.

For more information on R U OK? Day you can check out their website, and if you’re interested in our Stress Management Workshops you can contact us for more information or to organise one for your workplace.

There’s a huge host of benefits, and our workshops can be run in a flexible manner, with large groups able to take part in the educational course, which includes practical strategies for managing stress. The courses are held over six weeks, with weekly sessions and boost employee resilience, health, and happiness.


You can contact us on Facebook or via the Contact Us page, to find out more or to organise your own Stress Management Workshop, or any of our other workplace wellbeing services.

Absolutely Corporate - Stress Management Workshops

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