Mindfulness Meditation Melbourne

Restoring Balance in the Workplace

Mindfulness is the act of being focused and aware enough of the tasks at hand without getting easily distracted or overwhelmed by the surroundings. This is possible to do but it requires training, guidance, and meditation. This type of meditation is being introduced to organisations and corporations in Melbourne as a way to improve employee performance and increase productivity.

How Does Mindfulness Meditation Work?

Meditation is a way of training the mind and giving it a form of rest, too. It changes the way the body reacts to stress. The body is made more relaxed and the body chemistry is improved. Meditation helps lower the levels of arousal by reducing the amount of adrenaline and cortisol, which are known to be stress hormones produced by the body.

One study has documented how meditation can rebuild the grey matter in the brain in just a few weeks. Although meditation is meant to relax the mind and promote a sense of peace, mindfulness training helps improve cognitive and psychological abilities that last throughout the day.

A mindfulness meditation class is around 45 minutes long and conducted in groups. Group meditation allows participants the diminish the feeling of being alone and, instead, develop a connection to others.

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