invest in workplace wellness

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Since 1999, Absolutely Corporate has been helping businesses reward their staff with convenient, cost-effective corporate massage packages. In just 15 minutes, our caring team of experienced therapists will de-stress, invigorate and revitalise your staff. We can cater packages to suit your company’s needs, whether you require massages on a weekly basis or just a yearly one-off.

Here’s what you can expect when our courteous and experienced massage therapists provide seated massage:

  • Within minutes, the therapist sets up the special ergonomic massage chair.
  • Your team is treated to a neck, shoulder, back and arm massage. They stay in their work wear and don’t even need to leave their desk. Or we can set up massage chairs in a quiet spot.
  • Lasts from 5 minutes to 1/2 hour – it’s your choice.
  • Each office massage incorporates deep tissue, shiatsu and trigger point therapy for total stress relief.
  • Your team is energised, refreshed and ready to return to work!
  • We  help you create wellness at your workplaces.

According to Fortune Magazine, some of the best companies to work for already use seated massage as an excellent way to attract, reward and retain valuable staff. Call Us.