12 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Corporate Massage

Corporate massage is an excellent investment in human wellbeing in the workplace. To ensure maximum benefits for you, your team and your organisation as a whole, we’ve put together these 12 tips for getting the most out of our workplace massage services.

These tips are based on my 20-plus years of experience as a corporate massage therapist and director of Absolutely Corporate, servicing some of Australia’s leading brands and organisations.

A quiet room is utilised for seated massage by a Absolutely Corporate massage therapist

Choose an Optimal Location

To enhance the quality of seated and table massages in a workplace, it is advisable to designate a quiet meeting room or a secluded area. This promotes an undisturbed session, maximising the therapeutic benefits and ensuring that recipients emerge from the massage feeling more productive.

For roving massages, ensure your desk area is clear and you’re seated upright with both feet planted on the floor. Place your hands on the arms of your chair or in your lap.

Be Punctual

Arriving on time for your appointment ensures you receive the full duration of the massage, maximising its benefits. Even if you have a valid reason for being late, we unfortunately can not extend your time slot, as this means someone else will lose time.

Prepare Mentally

A few minutes before your session, take a moment to calm your mind. Put your phone on silent and focus on some deep breathing. Remind yourself that you’re about to receive a luxurious professional massage tailored to your needs and some well-deserved “you time”.

Close up view of a person receiving a seated massage

Communicate Your Preferences

Our massages are intended to help you relax and feel good, so if we’re missing the mark please let us know. Whether it’s the pressure of the massage or a specific focus area, our therapists love it when our clients communicate their needs. We are trained to adjust techniques to suit your comfort level at any point in the session.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

The more relaxed you are, the more beneficial the massage will be. While our ergonomic massage chairs and massage tables are pretty comfortable, some small adjustments can make a world of difference to your experience. Be sure to communicate any discomfort to your therapist and we will do our best to attend to your needs.

Embrace the Silence

We encourage minimal talking during the massage. This can be a wonderful opportunity to close your eyes, relax, and observe how your body feels in the present moment. However, some people find chatting helps them unwind, in which case our massage therapists are happy to oblige.

Focus on Breathing

Most people are aware of the connection between deep breathing and relaxation. However, many unknowingly breathe through rapid or shallower breaths when receiving a massage. By focusing on your breath and ensuring deep breathing during and after your massage, you will enhance relaxation and help in toxin elimination.

A client receiving a roving massage at their desk in a corporate office

No Working During Roving Massages

Working during the massage greatly diminishes its impact. However, it can be difficult for recipients to mentally separate work while remaining at their desks to receive a roving massage. To help with this, turn off your computer screen and clear any work-related materials or distractions. 

Headphones or earbuds with soft relaxing music can also help to isolate your mind from the ambient noise of the office.

Dress Accordingly

Much of our massage will focus on the neck, shoulders, and upper back so removing ties, scarves and any other accessories or jewellery is highly advised. Where appropriate and the recipient feels comfortable to do so, loosening or unbuttoning the collar is also advised.

For table massages, wear comfortable clothing. Our therapists always provide towel covers for added comfort.

Avoid a Full Stomach

A full stomach not only has your body in overdrive working to digest your food, but it can also cause physical discomfort and bloating, both of which may impact your massage. If possible, It’s best to avoid having a massage right after a meal, though light snacking is usually fine.

Stay Hydrated

After your massage, make sure you rehydrate with water or herbal tea. Working on your muscles gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. You have to replenish all that lost water after the massage. Avoid coffee for at least two hours post-massage to avoid its dehydration effects.

A group stretching excercise at a corporate event

Prolong the Benefits

To prolong the effects of your massage, stand, stretch, and practice 2 minutes of breath work once every hour. Common office-appropriate stretches include neck tilts, shoulder rolls, and wrist stretches.

Got more questions? Check out our corporate massage FAQ

Absolutely Corporate director, Beata Steiner

Author – Beata Steiner

Beata Steiner is a passionate advocate of corporate health and wellbeing programs with over two decades of experience in the workplace wellness industry. Beata is the director of Absolutely Corporate and holds qualifications in Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Reflexology, Qigong massage, and Indian head and shoulder massage.

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