working from home fitness solutions

With plenty of different fitness options to choose from, there'll be something for any workplace

With many employees working from home, their working space may not be ergonomically correct, leading to neck, back or lower back problems. Despite the difficult current circumstances, it remains important to keep your team healthy, fit and flexible, and we can help with a range of remote solutions.

Our fitness experts can help you tailor fitness classes to your staff’s needs, ensuring they get the optimal advice or fitness program to suit their lifestyle. If you’re interested in our Corporate Fitness classes don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.

There’s plenty of flexibility available in the programs, with up to 20 participants able to take part.

Our group fitness classes are run as one-off classes, or in five or ten week blocks, however you can also choose how many sessions you prefer, and we current offer these classes remotely over zoom, or can organise for them to run in a park when employees return to work, to maximise social distancing.


  • Mat Pilates – Full body conditioning workout consisting of specifically designed movements performed on a mat. The main focus is on the abdominal region and lower back – the body’s natural centre of balance and energy. The result is a strong, healthy, supple body, with long, toned muscles. Pilates is an all over body workout, connecting the mind to the muscles, increasing strength and stamina, while improving flexibility at the same time. Everyone can enjoy the benefits; improved fitness, strength and flexibility, and also improved balance, posture and self-awareness. For our remote courses, you will be required to have your own mat.
  • Burn – This is focused on the legs and glute regions. Maintaining and/or improving leg and glute strength, which can help those with back pain and knee injuries. This can be done with either body weight and/or equipment.
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. This can be done with either body weight and/or equipment.
  • Freestyle – Freestyle is exactly that, freestyle exercise determined by your instructor. Generally a mixture of some or all of the classes mentioned here, with or without equipment.
  • Band It – Increasing strength, mobility and function with the use of thero-bands. All exercises can be modified to suit all abilities. This class suits beginners through to more advanced participants. You are required to either bring your own thero-bands or we have them to purchase. $10 each or a set of three for $25.
  • Tabata – 40-60 seconds of hard efforts with minimal recovery periods of 10-20 seconds. There will be selected exercises that are then repeated throughout the class. This is a great way to get fit quick, improve your lactic threshold and overall condition, and can be done with or without equipment.
  • Stretch Lab – Learn how to relax and stretch correctly using a variety of techniques and methods. Stretching is imperative and can help manage and/or reduce injuries.
  • Rock n Roll – This might sound like some form of dance, right? Well it’s actually exercise and stretching using form rollers! Stretch and strengthen the body while increasing mobility. You will need your own foam roller.

We prefer to work with 20 or less participants in order to maximise the attention and personal advice each participant can receive, however we can cater for more if required.

Don’t forget to contact us today if you’d like to organise corporate massage for your workplace, or if you’ve got any questions or enquiries regarding any of our services. You can call us today on 1300 217 119, or visit our Contact Page.