workplace stress management

workplace stress costs Australian employers more than $10 billion a year in absenteeism and reduced productivity

A stressed worker is more likely to take days off work, be difficult to deal with, and cause unhappiness in the workplace. Companies that invest in stress management and other corporate health programs enjoy a 2:1 return on investment when measured against gains in efficiency and attendance. Absolutely Corporate’s stress management programs educate employees about ways to reduce stress and how to cope positively with demands and pressures.

the effects of stress are many

workplace stress management

We can tailor our Workplace Stress Management course to your workplace:

  • six-week course, weekly sessions
  • flexible delivery times
  • 20 people maximum
  • practical strategies
  • educational content

workplace stress can be managed

benefits to employees

Stress management workshop attendees can experience:

  • reduced anxiety
  • better sleep
  • greater job satisfaction
  • increased resilience
  • improved health and happiness

learn to manage workplace stress

benefits to workplace

Providing in-house stress management can deliver:

  • decreased absenteeism
  • higher productivity
  • improved staff relations
  • reduced staff turnover
  • fewer compensation claims

Absolutely Corporate is a nationwide provider of on-site workplace stress workshops, helping corporate Australia create positive workplaces where the effects of stress are understood and managed.

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Our 45-minute workplace stress program is run by qualified health and wellness coaches using engaging and interactive presentations. We can customise the content, time or length of classes to suit your needs and budget.

The training covers topics like mental health, mind power, nutrition, exercise, breathing and resilience. The stress management techniques participants learn can promote important attributes like self-mastery, leadership and the ability to work effectively with others.

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